All Saints College, St Mary’s Campus is located in Maitland, NSW. It is a co-educational, systemic Catholic High School, in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese.

St Mary’s welcomes students from our sister campuses of St Peter’s Maitland and St Joseph’s Lochinvar, as well as students from local area schools.

St Mary’s fosters academic excellence and offers a breadth of curriculum studies within a faith based community.

The school is proudly Catholic and students are expected to take on board the wisdoms, behaviours and points of view in keeping with the Catholic tradition.

The school began in 1867 under the auspices of the Sisters of St Dominic. The Dominican tradition is reflected today in various aspects of the student life at St Mary’s, for example celebrating the school feast day, on August 5th each year.

The school contains beautiful grounds, with traditionally designed gardens and pathways, and several historic trust buildings, established by the original Dominican Sisters.

Recent building improvements have added a new Hospitality building and Cafe. The buildings face down towards a spacious playing field, ringed with jacarandas, figs and towering oak trees.

Please contact the school if you have any enquiries.

Mrs Elizabeth Cornwall